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How To Use PowerCone Battery Charger

Before Putting Your PowerCone Battery Charger In Use Please Ensure The Following:-

  • Check for the conformity of Earth (on top) Neutral (on left) & Phase (on right) of the socket on switch board where the charger is to be connected. This will avoid the electric shock hazard.
  • Connect positive (Red) out-put lead/Terminal with positive Post of Battery & Negative (Black) out-put lead/Terminal with Negative Post of battery under charge.
  • Plug in three pin main lead to the socket and switch on.
  • Switch on the mains with the help of ON-OFF. Switch select the desired voltage for battery under charge with Course Control Switch/Range Selector and set charging current as per the capacity of charger with Fine Control Switch.
  • In case of blowing of fuses frequently, check for dead shorted battery, Overcharging current and output shorting
  • Put the proper value of fuse, which is marked on it.
  • Never Short the output lead of the charger
  • Keep away the charger from moisturized place
  • Keeps watch on your charging system periodically to avoid any un happening.
  • In case of malfunctioning of you charger or any additional information please contact with our authorized dealer.